U3A Membership Administration System (UMAS) for Cohuna U3A

Hi Members,

The system is up and running for payment of Subscriptions and Enrollment Activities for 2024.

  1. Go to the Courses menu item. And select FILTER; unselect all categories and tick the one you are interested in and APPLY CHANGES
  2. Open a selected Course using the down arrow symbol: read the details to ensure it is the Course for you. Repeat the process for other Courses then ADD TO CART.
  3. At the top of the screen click on the Cart to open it, Check that the courses you selected are there together with the Joining Fee. You have the choice to Clear all Courses or selected ones if required. If you are content with your selection (and have ticked the terms and conditions box) click on CHECKOUT and you will be taken to the Invoice Payment.
  4. Print out the Invoice or when making payment PLEASE put your Membership No on your payment details, so we can acknowledge that it is you who the Membership payment is for. When we have receipted this payment than this payment will become black.
  5. Logout






Welcome Page - not logged in

Welcome to the U3A COHUNA INCORPORATED Membership System


You will need your Membership No. and Password to login.
Members or prospective members must use the ‘U-MAS for Members’ system. Click on View Courses to be redirected to U-MAS for Members.
If you need help contact us on 0428 562339 or email members@cohunau3a.org.au